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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11 -   4.2 - Business/Employer Tax Enforcement Collections

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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11
1. Employment & Worker Services
2. Economic Growth & Development
3. Economic Foundation
4. Business Relations
Action Plan

4.2 - Business/Employer Tax Enforcement Collections
How much debt owed to the state have agencies collected? 

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Data Notes
Data Source: DOR and L&I
Measure Definition: See drill down measures for detailed measure definitions.
Target Rationale: DOR target set by the Forecast Council. 
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: DOR - Supports strategic goal to "Promote fairness and consistency in the development and application of tax law".
L&I - Support strategic goal 3 to "Reduce workers' compensation fraud and abuse".
Relevance: Collecting debt owed to state from unpaid taxes and workers' compensation premiums ensures both a fair, level playing field for all businesses and adequate funds to assist injured workers and for all state functions.
Notes: See drill down measures for additional information.
Also Available
Action Plan: See drill down measures for action plans.
Extended Analysis: See drill down measures for extended analysis.

 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

  • DOR collected over $719.9 million with enforcement efforts in FY11, which was $170.2 million over the estimate.  This included an amnesty program which ran from February through April.
  • L&I collected over $36 million in the fourth quarter of FY11, which is above target.
  • Both agencies promote voluntary compliance through education and enforcement.  Performance audits by the State Auditor's Office commended each of these agencies for their enforcement efforts.

Additional detail for each agency is available in the drill down measures whose links appear on this page.