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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11 -   4. Business Relations

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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11
1. Employment & Worker Services
2. Economic Growth & Development
3. Economic Foundation
4. Business Relations
Action Plan
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 Business Relations

4.1 - Use of Electronic Filing Options (Index)--DOL, DOR, ESD, L&IMost of the electronic options achieved the targeted use in the fourth quarter: tax returns (78%), unemployment insurance (88%), & Business License Applications (78% in Aug). The e-file rate for workers’ comp increased to 59%, aiming for 70% by Dec 2011.
4.2 - Debt Collected by State Agencies$665 million$855.2 millionDOR, L&IIn the FY11, both DOR ($720m) and L&I ($135m) exceeded their targets for collections of late and unpaid taxes, working to provide a level playing field for law-abiding businesses.
4.3 - Speed of Environmental Permitting Decisions (Index)--ECY, WDFWIn the fourth quarter of FY11, Ecology achieved the targets for timely processing for all four types of permits included. WDFW processed 97% of Hydraulic Project Approvals on time, and 82% of standard approvals at least 15 days early.
4.4 - Business Permits & Licenses (Index)--DOL, LCB, OMWBE, WSDAProcessing times for liquor licenses, food processor inspections, and OMWBE certification were all faster than the target turnaround times. Cosmetology business license time didn’t quite reach the target in Sept, primarily due to incomplete applications.
4.5 - Use of Certified Suppliers2.48%3.11%OMWBEIn FY11, state agencies reported $90.5m spent with 605 certified firms, most of it in the fourth quarter. Compared to last year, state agencies have done business with more certified firms and spent a higher percentage of contracting dollars with them.