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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11 -   4.4.a.1 - Applications Received

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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11
1. Employment & Worker Services
2. Economic Growth & Development
3. Economic Foundation
4. Business Relations
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4.4.a.1 - Applications Received
How many new applications for certification did OMWBE receive?

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Data Notes
Data Source: OMWBE Database
Measure Definition: Number of new applications received.  Includes first-time applications only, for state, federal, and state/federal combination.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan:
Relevance: Last updated October 4, 2011
Notes: (Optional) Previous data included annual updates (for state certification only), and federal recertification's (required every three years).
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Action Plan: Yes
Extended Analysis: Yes

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 Summary Analysis

How many new applications for certification did OMWBE receive?

After declining for the last three quarters, the number of incoming new state applications increased (132) over the same period of FY10 (129) and the previous quarter. However, the number of new federal applications was less than the previous quarter and for the same period of FY10. In contrast, the number of firms submitting annual updates and recertifying with the federal program increased during the fourth quarter over the same period as FY10 and the previous quarter. Similarly, requests for additional NAICS codes from currently certified firms also increased for both periods. These metrics illustrate currently certified firms are continuing to find value with M/W/DBE certification.

New Applications Received:

Qtr 4 FY10 Qtr 4 FY11

State Only

129 132
Federal Only 16 14
State & Federal 25 15