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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11 -   4.3 - Timeliness of environmental permitting decisions

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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11
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Action Plan

4.3 - Timeliness of environmental permitting decisions
Are we making timely decisions on environmental permits?

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Data Notes
Data Source: ECY and WDFW
Measure Definition: See drill down measures for detailed measure definitions 
Target Rationale: 401 & Stormwater permit targets are set by federal regulation.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: ECY - Permits are linked to several strategic goals: Improve water quality, Protect wetlands, and Protect water quality. 
Relevance: Timely permitting decisions and regulatory processes protect and improve water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and other public and private resources, while supporting a healthy economy.
Notes: See drill down measures for additional information
Also Available
Action Plan: See drill down measures for action plans
Extended Analysis: No

 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

401 Water Quality Certification

  • Individual 401 Certification average processing time was 218 days in FY11 Q4. Ecology processed 4 applications this quarter.
  • Nationwide 401 Certifications average processing time was 87 days in FY11 Q4. Ecology processed 19 applications this quarter.

Construction Stormwater

  • The average time to issue permit coverage was 60 days in FY11 Q4. Ecology processed 228 applications this quarter.

Air Quality Notice of Construction

  • The average time to issue a permit decision was 55 days in FY11 Q4. Ecology processed 10 applications this quarter. The agency has an expedited permit process, called General Orders, for projects meeting certain criteria. Nine General Order permit applications were processed at an average processing time of 30 days.

Hydraulic Project Approval

  • In FY11, Q4, 98% of Standard HPAs and 94% of Expedited HPAs were issued on time.
  • WDFW is tracking a measure of "% processed under 30 days" for Standard HPA processing, with a target of 90%. In the last eight quarters, WDFW has issued Standard HPAs in less than 30 days, 76% to 86% of the time.
  • Workload prioritization is continually being assessed to facilitate prompt review and processing of applications.