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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11 -   3.1 - Infrastructure project completion

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Economic Vitality Final 10-26-11
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2. Economic Growth & Development
3. Economic Foundation
4. Business Relations
Action Plan

3.1 - Infrastructure Project Completion
How often are Commerce's infrastructure projects completed on time?

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Data Notes
Data Source: Commerce Infrastructure Program Databases 
Measure Definition: As of July 1, 2008 all programs consider a project completed on time if contract elements are completed as per scope of work.
Target Rationale:

Prior to FY 12, each program had individual targets:

  • CDBG –Target set at 50% based on historical average of 40%.  Also included a slight stretch.                                                           
  • Capital Programs – Target for competitive projects set at 80% based on historical average of 62%.  Also included a large stretch.  Target for direct appropriations set at 50%, because Commerce does not have influence over direct appropriation projects prior to selection. 
  • CERB – Target set at 100%, as these projects undergo a unique process and are always 100% complete on time.                             
  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund – Target set at 50% based on historical average.                                                               
  • Public Works Trust Fund – Target set at 70% based on anticipation of changing processes. 
Link to Agency Strategic Plan:

Supports strategic goal to:  Enable local governments to have adequate infrastructure to accommodate allocated growth and enable economic development and business opportunities, while maintaining the quality of life.

Relevance: Projects can not be used by the community until they are complete.
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 Summary Analysis

The percent of projects completing on time has increased steadily over the last eight quarters.  Combined average exceeds the overall target of 60%.  Programs include: CDBG, Capital Programs, CERB, Public Works Trust Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.

  • Prior to FY12, each of the programs had individual targets.
  • The new target for the 11-13 Biennium is 70% completed on time.
  • A project is considered completed on time if the scope of work is completed by the original project completion date.
  • Programs have no control over the selection of Capital Programs direct appropriation projects. 
  • The chart shows results that include direct appropriation projects.  If direct appropriation projects were omitted, overall completed on time results would be 86%.
  • Construction projects usually take two to four years to complete.  We are now seeing the impact from focusing on readiness in the selection criteria.

Improvements made over the last few years:  

  • Common definitions were established, with the exception of CERB.
  • Standard contract monitoring and closeout process have been put in place.
  • Common readiness to proceed criteria are used to select projects.  One exception to this is direct appropriation projects in Capital Programs.
  • Reorganization of the agency, placing all infrastructure programs in one division, with the exception of Capital Programs.
  • Standard target of 70% set for all programs. 

Updated 9/13/2011