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Education Final 05-15-12 -   2.1.c - Medical Exams

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Education Final 05-15-12
1. Access and Enrollment
2. Student Accomplishment
3. Student and Economic Outcomes
2.1.c - Medical Exams
Are we ensuring that ECEAP children receive medical exams and care before kindergarten?
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Data Notes
Data Source: ECEAP Management System (EMS), June 30, 2011
Measure Definition: Percent of children who are up-to-date with well child exams at enrollment and at the end of the ECEAP year.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Goal One of 2011-14 DEL Strategic Plan: Provide high quality, safe and healthy early care and education opportunities for all children. Goal Two of 2011-14 DEL Strategic Plan: Partner with and inform parents, families and communities about early learning. 
Relevance: Health impacts children's attendance and ability to learn.
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

One goal of ECEAP is that every ECEAP child receives the annual well child exam recommended by the federal Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) program. Children without access to medical care face barriers to learning, such as frequent absences or vision or hearing problems.

  • In fall of 2010, at ECEAP entry, 61 percent of children arrived up-to-date on their well-child exams, a 15 percent decrease from the previous year. We do not know why this occurred. Anecdotal evidence suggests parental stress or a decrease in providers acceptance of Medicaid patients.


  • By the end of the school year, 96.6 percent had medical coverage, 92.8 percent had a medical home, and 95.8 percent were up-to-date on their well-child exams.


  • In 2010-11, 6.2 percent of ECEAP children required follow-up treatment based on health issues found during their 2009-10 medical exams.  ECEAP providers obtain copies of medical exam results and partner with families to ensure that children receive follow-up treatment as indicated.