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Education Final 09-15-11 -   1.1.e - Enrollment by Parents' Education

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Education Final 09-15-11
1. Access and Enrollment
2. Student Accomplishment
3. Student and Economic Outcomes
Action Plan
1.1.e - Enrollment by Parents' Education
Is ECEAP serving families with low parental education levels?
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Data Notes
Data Source: ECEAP Management System (EMS), June 30, 2011
Measure Definition: Percent of parents of ECEAP children who have less than 6th grade education and less than high school graduation or GED.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Goal One of 2011-14 DEL Strategic Plan: Provide high quality, safe and healthy early care and education opportunities for all children.
Relevance: Parent's educational attainment is closely correlated with children's school performance.
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 Summary Analysis

Parent's educational attainment closely correlates with children's school performance. 

  • In 2010-11, 11.4 percent of parents of ECEAP children had a formal education level of sixth grade or less, while only 2.9 percent of the adult population of Washington was at this level.
  • Of ECEAP parents, 25.8 percent had completed between 7th and 12th grade and did not graduate nor earn a GED, compared to 11 percent of Washington adults.

ECEAP is successfully enrolling families with parents with low education levels.

Though the majority of ECEAP families have employed parents, these low education levels limit their wages.