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Education Final 09-15-11 -   2.5.a - Graduation Rate of Transfer Students

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Education Final 09-15-11
1. Access and Enrollment
2. Student Accomplishment
3. Student and Economic Outcomes
Action Plan
2.5.a - Graduation Rate of Transfer Students
What is the graduation rate for community college transfer students at Washington public 4-year institutions?
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Data Notes
Data Source: Higher Education Coordinating Board from data submitted by Washington's public 4-year institutions.
Measure Definition: The percentage of students transferring with an associate degree from a Washington public community college to a public 4-year institution who graduate within three years.
Target Rationale: Timely completion of degrees improves system efficiency and degree production.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Improve student retention and completion to meet degree production targets.
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

  • The chart shows the 3-year graduation rate of students who transfer to Washington public 4-year institutions with an associates degree. The measure is calculated from institution-specific retention rate data.
  • Variation across institutions on this measure ranges from a high of 80% to a low of 55% in 2009-10.  Variation is primarily a result of differences in student characteristics, including the level of student academic preparation and personal/family income.