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Education Final 09-15-11 -   3.2.c - High Demand Graduate & Professional Degrees

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Education Final 09-15-11
1. Access and Enrollment
2. Student Accomplishment
3. Student and Economic Outcomes
Action Plan

3.2.c - High Demand Graduate and Professional Degrees
Are our public institutions producing more
graduate degrees in high demand fields of study?

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Data Notes
Data Source: From NCES IPEDS data.
Measure Definition: Total number of graduate level degrees awarded by Washington public 4-year institutions.
Target Rationale: Measure effectiveness of high demand enrollment funding.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Objective identified in Strategic Master Plan for Higher Education.

Meets demand for skills and reduces business recruitment costs.

Also Available
Action Plan: No
Extended Analysis: Yes

 Summary Analysis

  • Growth in high demand graduate degree areas has kept pace with overall graduate degree production. Since 2002-03, our public institutions have increased graduate/professional degree production in high demand fields of study by 30%.  By comparison, total graduate/professional degree awards grew by 28% over the period.
  • The largest increases have been in Computer and Information Sciences (86%) and in Allied Health and Health Sciences (39%).
  • Growth in Math, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences and in Engineering has been more moderate.