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Education Final 09-15-11 -   3. Student and Economic Outcomes

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Education Final 09-15-11
1. Access and Enrollment
2. Student Accomplishment
3. Student and Economic Outcomes
Action Plan
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 3. Student and Economic Outcomes

3.1 - Degree Production40,344 degrees42,647 degreesHECB, SBCTCOver 42,000 baccalaureate and graduate degrees were conferred in 2009-10 by public and private institutions, exceeding the goal for the year, but not increasing fast enough to meet the 2018 goals. In addition, over 23,000 associate degrees were awarded.
3.2 - High Demand Degrees & Certificates 18,709 degrees & certificatesHECB, SBCTCStudents received over 18,000 degrees and certificates in high demand fields in 2009-10, the most since 2002-03. The growth rate of high demand fields outpaced overall degree growth. (For CTCs, data is only for programs funded by the high demand program.)
3.3 - Training Participant Earnings $24,233 per yearWTECB, SBCTCMedian earnings of training participants declined slightly in 2010, likely due to the recession. Earnings had increased steadily in the four years prior to the recession. Earnings are higher for program completers vs. non-completers.