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Public Safety Final 1-15-10 -   2. Community Corrections

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Public Safety Final 1-15-10
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan
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 Community Corrections

2.2 - Timely Intake Process90%90%DOCPerformance is meeting the 90% target after dropping as low as 70% as DOC implemented the new OMNI case management system. Data is for September 2009.
2.3 - Participation in Community Reentry Programs5 of 5 Reentry Programs4 of 4DOCAll 4 evidence-based programs are on track to meet targets. The one promising program is behind target because of funding and transition issues but is expected to meet the target by the end of FY10. Data is for Q1 FY10.
2.1 - Offender Re-Offense Rate10% or Less7%DOCSlight drop in the rate may be normal fluctuation or due to policy changes that reduces the population on community supervision. This will affect the composition of this measure going forward. Data is for offenders released Jan-Mar 2009.