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Public Safety Final 12-15-11 -   2.2 - Timely Intake Process

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Public Safety Final 12-15-11
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan

2.2 - Timely Intake Process

Are we meeting with offenders and setting expectations within 30 days of assignment?

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Data Notes


Data Source:

Offender Management Network Information (OMNI).

Measure Definition:

Number of intakes completed within the established timeframes compared to the number assigned in the reporting month provides the percent of timely completions.   The reporting protocols were modified to report work assigned and completed each month.

Target Rationale:

90% attainment is based on historical data that show approximately 10% of the offenders is not available for intake.

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:

Maintain core correctional operations


See Summary Analysis.

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Action Plan:


Extended Analysis:





 Summary Analysis

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·         For FY12 Q1, Community Corrections staff exceeded the target, with an average of 91% of intakes completed in a timely manner. The latest data is through September, 2011.  

·         Over the past three years (FY09-FY11), the percentage of intakes completed within 30 days has improved by 13% overall. This is attributed to the on-going commitment of staff, supervisors and administrators to complete intakes in a timely manner.    



·         The intake process is critical to successful reentry and supervision. It provides the opportunity for the Community Corrections Officer to meet with the offender to review supervision requirements, establish mutual expectations, and clarify the role each will have while under the jurisdiction of the department.  Completing the intake process within 30 days is important to set the tone and foundation for successful case management.

Key Action Items 

·         Monthly review of performance by region in meeting the target.

·         Continued focus statewide to complete the task and document the required actions.