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Public Safety Final 1-15-10 -   3.3.b - Local Jurisdictions with Current Hazard Mitigation Plans

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Public Safety Final 1-15-10
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan

3.3.b - Local Jurisdictions With Current Hazard Mitigation Plans

Does Each Washington County Have A Current FEMA Approved Hazard Mitigation Plan?

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Data Notes

Data Source:

Emergency Management Division
Measure Definition: Current Hazard Mitigation Plan
Target Rationale: 100% of counties have a current Hazard Mitigation Plan
Link to Agency Strategic Plan:
Relevance: Communities identify hazards and projects to reduce impacts of incidents
Notes: (optional) Data Period: As of 1 Dec 2009
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Action Plan:
Extended Analysis:


  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is beneficial, but voluntary.
  • All counties are eligible to apply for FEMA grant funding for mitigation planning
  • Lack of a plan means a count is not eligible for FEMA mitigation construction project grants.
  • Hazard Mitigation planning and project investments protect lives, property, the environment, and the economy, and save disaster recovery dollars needed for other priority requirements.
  • A county's lack of hazard mitigation measures can put their citizens and infrastructure at unnecessary risk and may endanger neighboring counties.
  • Mitigation construction projects return $4 for every $1 invested due to loss avoidance.

 Summary Analysis

  • Multiple FEMA grant opportunities exist for mitigation planning and projects.
    • Approximately $30 M in federal disaster mitigation funding is available to state agencies and local jurisdictions in 2006-2008.
    • $13.5 M is expected from 2008-2009 winter disasters.
  • Reduced / limited local resources may affect future planning efforts.

Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Map

Action Plan

  • Provide technical assistance to the 2 counties without a plan to plan.
    • EMD Director challenge letter and offer EMD technical assistance offered Jul and Nov 2009 (completed)
  • Offer technical assistance to counties developing new and expiring plans
    • EMD Director letter of encouragement and support for planning effort - Nov 2009 (completed)