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Public Safety Final 1-15-10 -   1. Prison Operations

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Public Safety Final 1-15-10
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan
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1.1 - Rate of Violent Infractions1.0 Per 100 Offenders1.06DOCPrison violence reduction strategies implemented in April 2008 continue to result in fewer violent infractions. Four major prisons achieved significant reductions in violence. Data is for 1st Quarter FY10.
1.2 - Average Energy Use1,870.5 Kilowatt-hour Per Offender 1,907.6DOCIn FY09 energy consumption was 8% lower than the FY03 base year, less than the 10% reduction target, but achieved despite an 11% increase in occupied square footage. Six prisons reduced energy use. Data is for FY09.
1.3 - Participation in Prison Reentry Programs9 of 9 Reentry Programs7 of 9DOCAll 7 evidence-based programs are on track to meet targets. The 2 promising programs are behind target because of funding and transition issues but are expected to meet the targets by the end of FY10. Data is for Q1 FY10.