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Public Safety Final 1-15-10 -   1.3 - Participation in Prison Reentry Programs

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Public Safety Final 1-15-10
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan

1.3 - Participation in Prison Reentry Programs

Are prison reentry program participation goals being met?

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Data Notes


Data Source:

Offender Management Network Information (OMNI) and Resource Program Management (RPM). 

Measure Definition:

Number of Offenders Who Participated is the number of offenders who participated in the program. 

Target Rationale:

Targets are based on funding provided to DOC in the 2010-11 Budget.

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:

Increase successful reentry of offenders to communities


See Summary Analysis.

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Action Plan:


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 Summary Analysis

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Fiscal Year (FY) Targets are based on the number of offenders funded to participate in each evidence based reentry program.

The Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) assesses program effectiveness based on participation for any amount of time during incarceration.

Based on first quarter participation, all seven evidence based programs delivered in prisons are on track to meet FY10 participation targets:

·         Chemical Dependency

·         Basic Education

·         Vocational Education

·         Correctional Industries

·         Moral Recognition Therapy / Thinking For Change

·         Stress and Anger Management

·         Getting It Right

In addition, two promising programs (currently supported by limited and emerging research) are being delivered:

·         Partners In Parenting (PIP) is behind target due to reduced funding and staff. 

·         Hiring of two PIP facilitators in January 2010 is expected to bring participation up to target by the end of the fiscal year.

·         Work Force Readiness is behind target due to reduced funding and the transition from delivery of Job Hunter Xpress.

·         Current delivery level is expected to bring participation up to target by the end of the fiscal year.


Evidence based reentry programs in the prisons are designed to improve public safety by reducing the likelihood that offenders will commit new crimes.  These evidenced based programs seek to repair personal deficits that led offenders to incarceration.