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Public Safety Final 1-15-10 -   1.1 - Rate of Violent Infractions

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Public Safety Final 1-15-10
1. Prison Operations
2. Community Corrections
3. Emergency Readiness
4. Worker Safety
Action Plan

1.1 - Rate of Violent Infractions

Are we reducing violent infractions in the prisons?

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Data Notes


Data Source:

Offender Management Network Information (OMNI)

Measure Definition:

Rate per 100 offenders who were found guilty of a violent infraction.

Target Rationale:

Target area is the rate of 0.8 – 1.0 violent infractions per 100 offenders. Target area is based on the lowest rate, experienced in November 2005.

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:

Maintain core correctional operations


Violent infractions are a measure of the management, security and control within a prison.  Prison violence has direct influence on the safety of staff, offenders and the public.

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 Summary Analysis

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During the six quarter period of FY08 Q4 through FY10 Q1:

·         A lower violent infraction rate was achieved each quarter than was experienced in any of the five quarters proceeding that period – all prisons combined

·         Four Major prisons achieved significant violence reduction:

·         Monroe Corrections Complex

·         McNeil Island Corrections Center

·         Stafford Creek Corrections Center

·         Washington Corrections Center

Three key initiatives were implemented in FY08 Q4 to address an upward trend and spikes of violence:

·         Security Threat Group (STG) management strategy

·         Identifying, documenting and separating STG affiliates at Reception Centers

·         Opt-out and targeted interventions

·         Violence reduction plans developed locally at prisons

·         Violence reduction planning committees

·         Violence related information and reduction strategies widely shared with staff 

·         Offender involved violence reduction projects

·         Biannual Prisons Division GMAP reports – (conducted each January and July)

·         Prison specific trend data, performance targets, focusing questions and report format are developed by DOC Planning and Research for consistency in performance measurement

·         Analysis reports and action plans are developed at each prison

·         Reports are used by local and division prison administrators for planning purposes

Since implementation of these initiatives the agency has maintained a reduced and stable violent infraction rate.