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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09 -   2.1.f - Interactive Services Index

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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09
1. Human Resources
2. Information Technology
3-4. Purchasing
5. Risk Management & Worker Safety
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2.1.f - Interactive Services Index

Communicate and Collaborate, on the Web 

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Data Notes
Data Source: Department of Information Services
Measure Definition: multiple; see drill-down measures
Target Rationale: multiple; see drill-down measures
Link to Agency Strategic Plan Goal: Provide quality, reliable, cost-efficient, common IT services.
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Action Plan: No
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SharePoint services enable collaboration among team members, using intranet sites as platforms for organizing shared information and tasks, whether the team is small within one agency, or large, involving multiple agencies.   Agencies using the state government network and the enterprise active directory are enabled to use SharePoint, via the web; no purchase of equipment or software is needed, and DIS provides all the technical maintenance.

Ask George® Search Services offer customizable features to fit individual agency's needs.  Insightful analytics help agencies assess their site users' behavior, enabling improvements to the effectiveness and relevance of the agency's website.

Access Washington©, the state government's award-winning internet portal, is the gateway to hundreds of online state services.  Users can open accounts, make secure transactions, order certificates, find contractors, file claims, reserve a campsite, report a fraud, find a job, get a business license, obtain a criminal history, file and pay taxes, access state agencies' websites, find links to the legislature and courts, education and business resources, and read up-to-date news directly from state agencies.

Web Usability Services study the habits of website users as a means to increase a website's effectiveness. 

Video Streaming services deliver video content on-demand, direct to the desktop.  User authentication protects sensitive content.  Content on other media (video tape, DVD, etc.) can be converted to video stream which can be played on Windows Media and other video technologies.

Satellite Broadcasting services enable agencies to plan and present training, information, and messages, which can air live from the DIS TV studio in Lacey or remotely from a location of the customer agency's choice.  The public can tune in from home on cable TV, or the internet, or at downlink sites nationwide, and participate by calling in, toll-free, with opinions and questions to be addressed live on the air.   This service can help agencies organize staff meetings, press conferences, legislative reviews, project roll-outs, training sessions, agency-wide communications, public hearings, etc.