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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09 -   3.1.b - Food Contract

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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09
1. Human Resources
2. Information Technology
3-4. Purchasing
5. Risk Management & Worker Safety
Action Plan

3.1.b - Food Contract

Are Customers Using State Food Contract Vendors?

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Data Notes
Data Source: AFRS data, PCARD data, WSDOT data, GA Enterprise Contracting Team
Measure Definition:
Target Rationale:
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Notes: (optional) 09/26/08, Because the data available does not show what was purchased or whether it was on a contract, the terms "Contractor" and "Non-Contractor" are used instead of "On-Contract" and "Off-Contract."  We are limited to show how much was spent with our contracted vendors vs. their competitors.
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 Summary Analysis

- The contract is currently exceeding the recently adjusted target adoption rate of 92%. 

- The target adoption rate has been revised upward to 92% due to the fact that the previous target had been surpassed for a sustained period of time.

- A significant portion of the Non-Contractor spending during Q4 FY08 is attributable to agencies which have legislative authority to purchase outside of the contract.  Under RCW 43.19.190(2), DSHS is permitted to use a federal contract for hospitals, and under RCW 43.19.1932, Correctional Industries (CI) is able to purchase outside of the state contracts.  The inclusion of this data helps to show a better picture of the state's purchasing activity.  

- GA has had preliminary discussions with both DSHS and CI about using the enterprise food contract, and there are ongoing efforts to improve the partnerships between vendors and agencies. 

Updated: 02/17/2009