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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09 -   3-4. Purchasing

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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09
1. Human Resources
2. Information Technology
3-4. Purchasing
5. Risk Management & Worker Safety
Action Plan
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 3. Enterprise Contracting

3.1 - Use of Enterprise Contracts92.3%97%GATotal enterprise contract usage for the fourth quarter of FY08 was 97%. Performance has exceeded targets for the last four quarters. This is a summary of three specific enterprise contracts, and each exceeded its target for the fourth quarter.
3.2 - Standardized Technology Purchases80%88%DISIn the first quarter of FY09, 88% of agencies' technology purchases made on master contracts used standard configurations. Performance has exceeded the target for the last five quarters.
3.3 - Assessments of Printing Efficiency53 46 PRTAs of Q2 FY09, 46 Print Assessment agreements have been signed. PRT set an ambitious target of 71 by the end of FY09. Recently agencies have been more reluctant than anticipated to spend the up front cost in return for potential future benefits.

 4. Supplier Diversity

4.1 - Applications Processed On Time60%12%OMWBEData is for Q4 FY08. Performance is well under target and dropped in each of the last two quarters. OMWBE certification staff had 50% turnover in FY08, along with higher than average leave among remaining staff.
4.2 - Use of Certified Suppliers2.48%2.08%OMWBEData is for FY08. The total percentage increased slightly from 2.04% in FY07. The percentage spent with minority firms, 1.22%, almost doubled from 2007, while the percentage spent with women firms declined by about 0.5%. Target is equal to $71.3m.