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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09 -   5.1 - ERM Milestones

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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09
1. Human Resources
2. Information Technology
3-4. Purchasing
5. Risk Management & Worker Safety
Action Plan

5.1 - ERM Milestones

Are Agencies Meeting ERM Deadlines?

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 Summary Analysis

  • These nine milestones are the core elements of mature ERM practice. OFM assesses the progress of the state toward advanced Enterprise Risk Management by tracking implementation of these milestones.
  • All agencies have now reached the first two milestones. All are at Maturity Model Level 4 or above and all have assigned risk management responsibility to a specific person.
  • Agencies have been asked to track these milestones over a three year 'window.' The goal is 100% implementation of all milestones by the end of 2010.
  • By the end of 2009:
    • all agencies will have added quarterly risk management discussions to their executive leadership meetings,
    • all but two will have an agency enterprise risk management policy
    • all but two will have begun using risk mapping to review and prioritize the risks that threaten agency goals, and
    • the remaining agencies plan to complete these milestones in 2010.
  • This information is updated annually through agency reports. New milestone information will be available by April 30, 2009.