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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09 -   5.3 - Early Resolution Settlements

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Government Efficiency Final 4-15-09
1. Human Resources
2. Information Technology
3-4. Purchasing
5. Risk Management & Worker Safety
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5.3 - Early Resolution Settlements

Are Early Resolution GoalsĀ Being Met?

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 Summary Analysis

  • 'Early Resolutions' are those cases resolving, with or without mediation, by:
      1. Evaluation for settlement early with either minimal or no formal discovery;
      2. Informal cooperative exchanges of evidence or legal analysis; or
      3. Working cooperatively to expedite an early ruling on potentially dispositive cases.
  • Not all cases are appropriate for early or informal resolution because of their voluntary nature, important legal principals must be clarified, or state interests vindicated.
  • The OFM early resolution goal is to maintain their program at 25%.  The AGO early resolution participation target range is 20-30% of all cases involving a payout.