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Government Reform Final 03-16-11 -   3.3 - Management System Reform

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Government Reform Final 03-16-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
3.3 - Management System Reform
What reforms are being made to the WMS system? 
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Data Notes
Data Source: DOP's HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
Measure Definition: Number of Washington Management Service (WMS) employees as a percent of all employees (Executive Branch only, permanent and non permanent, Exempt and General Service)
Target Rationale: The 7.5% control point acts as a maximum for the enterprise.  The control point is reviewed and set every two years by the Director of HR.  It is based on the current WMS to workforce ratio, past trends in the ratio, and business expectations for the biennium. 
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: 2.1.a Develop and implement a consistent process, including a monitoring plan, for all agencies to use in administering and making decisions regarding the Washington Management System
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 Summary Analysis

The Washington Management Service (WMS) program was created in 1993 to provide agencies flexibility in hiring, assigning work to, and paying managers. 

The program received national recognition from Governing Magazine, the National Association of State Personnel Executives, and the Council of State Governments.  Over the years, however, concerns were raised that the program lacked adequate structure and formal oversight.

In December 2009, DOP Director Eva Santos asked HR Directors to join her in improving the WMS system.  State agency HR staff formed two workgroups that recommended changes.  By the Spring of 2011, improvements to the system will include:


  • Agencies annually submit a report detailing their use of the WMS program
  • Agencies annually submit to DOP the results of a prescribed self-audit
  • DOP defines a process for auditing agencies' use of the WMS program
  • DOP sets a statewide control point of 7.5% for the current biennium (effective 11/2009)
  • DOP sets a control point for each agency and monitors them all (effective 7/2007)


  • Agencies with WMS positions must have an evaluation committee that includes at least one representative from management, HR, and another agency
  • DOP can use the statewide data system to find out WMS usage
  • Agencies report their percentage of WMS employees in their annual HRM Report (effective 4/2007)


  • Agencies submit to DOP for approval their procedures for deciding if a position belongs in WMS, and for evaluating existing WMS positions
  • Agencies have a WMS coordinator from Human Resources
  • Agencies train all of the WMS evaluation committee members
  • Agencies use consistent tools, forms, and processes approved by DOP