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Government Reform Final 03-16-11 -   3. Improving Efficiency

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Government Reform Final 03-16-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
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 3. Improving Efficiency

3.1 – Streamlining HR Transactions3 of 3 projects on track2 of 3 projects on trackDOPCentralizing HRMS security is on track with 86 agencies converted. An online leave management system pilot has shown good results, but expansion to other agencies was delayed by competing priorities. 76.7% of employees access earnings statements online.
3.2 - IT Cost Savings $930,000$855,000DISWorking with agencies, DIS made mainframe computing more efficient, lowering the unit cost by 11% compared to last year. Overall savings are slightly below projections because agencies have used less mainframe computing than expected.
3.3 – Management System Reform7.5% WMS6.7% WMSDOPWhile the percentage of employees in the Washington Management Service is well below target, DOP is working with agencies on several changes to improve the accountability, transparency, and consistency of use.