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Government Reform Final 03-16-11 -   1.6 - Small Agency Accounting Services

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Government Reform Final 03-16-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
1.6 - Small Agency Accounting Services
How many small agencies are using shared accounting services?
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Data Notes
Data Source: OFM Budgeted FTEs Spreadsheet
Measure Definition: Number of agencies with 175 or fewer FTEs that a) use OFM’s Small Agency Client Services (SACS) for budgeting, payroll, and accounting, b) use SACS for some but not all of these services, c) do not currently use SACS and are covered by the Governor’s Directive, d) do not currently use but have received a waiver or share services with another agency, or e) do not currently use SACS but are in another branch of government or are lead by separately elected officials
Target Rationale: Governor Gregoire’s Directive 09-25 and ESSB 6444 (Sect. 911)
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Goal 2 – Provide financial and management expertise to help state government meet its goals and responsibilities.
Relevance: Shared accounting services will improve efficiency and financial controls, while allowing small agencies to focus on their core mission.

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  • The Office of Financial Management’s Small Agency Client Services’ (SACS) unit provides accounting, budgeting, and payroll services to small state agencies (those with less than 176 FTEs.) There were 74 agencies with 176 FTEs or less at the start of the 09-11 biennium.  Two agencies were later merged with larger agencies as part of the Government Reform effort, and the Redistricting Commission started again July 2010.  This leaves 73 agencies with 176 FTEs or less.
  • There are 18 agencies that SACS is not planning to add as clients because they are part of the legislative or judicial branch of government, headed by a separately elected official, were given waivers by the Office of Financial Management or the legislature, receive services from a larger agency at no cost, or are part of Government Reform efforts.
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 Summary Analysis

  • SACS is providing services to 12 additional agencies as of January 2011.  There are 48 small agencies receiving full or partial services from SACS. Due to scheduling demands, SACS did not start providing accounts payable services to the School for the Blind until January 1, 2011.
  • At the end of January, there are seven agencies that are still eligible for SACS services.
  • To accommodate the increase in workload, 8 FTE were added to SACS in the 09-11 biennium.  Agencies impacted by the transition laid off or redirected the work of 14.5 FTE. 
  • SACS provided recommendations to the OFM Budget Division for savings related to the transition.  Some of those recommendations were included in the Governor’s 11-13 biennial budget submission.