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Government Reform Final 09-28-11 -   3.4 - Government Reform HR Support

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Government Reform Final 09-28-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
3.4 - Government Reform HR Support
What HR work is needed by DOP/State HR Director's Office to implement the Government Reform bills?
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Data Notes
Data Source: DOP work plans
Measure Definition: Hours of work to implement Government Reform legislation and Collectively Bargained Agreements.  Includes DOP hours for payroll system changes, classification and compensation work, rules changes, and impacts to data queries.  Doesn't include work required by HR staff in impacted agencies.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Mission:  The Department of Personnel provides human resource guidance and services to maximize state government's ability to serve the citizens of Washington.
  • HR leadership and direction to be a strategic and competitive employer
  • HR foundation that supports changing business needs
  • HR tools, services, and information to support workforce management
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

Changes are underway to the payroll system, rules, data queries, job classifications, and compensation to implement reform legislation and Collectively Bargained Agreements (CBAs).  As of late August, 2011:

3% pay cut and TSR (Temporary Salary Reduction) leave 

  • successfully implemented 7/15/11 with first payroll
  • 11 rules adopted on emergency basis
  • 16 salary schedules approved and adopted
  • website salary reduction page launched
  • About 1450 DOP hours to implement

Agency mergers, consolidations, and reorganizations

  • Revision of 113 rules to reflect consolidation - 93% done (133 hrs), due Oct 1, permanent adoption in Nov
  • Participation in consolidation Functional Teams (HR, IT, Communications, Finance, Contracts, Core) - 87% done (972 hrs), due Oct 1
  • HRMS IT work to create, reorganize, and abolish agencies
    • Create/reorganize 6 agencies
      • DES, CTS, and IWA (Innovate WA), and name change for ELUHO (Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office) - 53% done (467 hrs), most due Oct 1
      • Council for Higher Education, and Office of Student Financial Assistance - work not yet begun, due 2012
    • Abolish 12 agencies - 7% done (108 hrs), 11 due Dec 31, 1 due 2012
    • HR support to set up organizations and positions in HRMS and provide appointment letters - 74% done (432 hrs), due Oct 1
  • Classification work to allocate positions
    • DES, CTS, IWA:  54 new exempt establishments for 235 positions (209 for CTS in close collaboration with DIS), and 91 exempt Printing positions allocated into existing classes - 42% done (1030 hrs), most due by Oct
    • HCA/Medicaid:  5 exemptions (226 hrs) done, 15 due for Nov approval,  and 1 new general service class due in 2012

Workforce reduction, temporary layoff, and CBAs

  • Provided 16 information sessions between April and August to state employees at risk of layoff
  • Implemented revised terms of CBAs
  • Review 60 rules related to layoff - 50% complete (40 hrs), due Dec 31

In addition to these framework changes, DOP is also developing the Strategic Plan for the new State HR Director's Office.