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Government Reform Final 09-28-11 -   3.1.a - Electronic Earnings Statements

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Government Reform Final 09-28-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
3.1.a - Electronic Earnings Statements
How many state employees receive electronic earnings statements?
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Data Notes
Data Source:  DOP HRMS
Measure Definition:  Percent of the workforce using no print earnings statements.  Includes Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch employees.
Target Rationale: The target is 100% of employee earnings statements available electronically.  This target contributes to the goal for a paperless government.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan:  DOP Goal #3:  The state has the human resource tools, services and information to support workforce management.  Objective 3.1:  Enhance enterprise HR tools and services.
Relevance: Electronic earnings statements provide efficiencies and cost savings to the state, and take advantage of the functionality of enterprise HR IT systems.
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 Summary Analysis


As of September, 2011:

  • 78.8% of employees electronically receive the earnings statement part of their pay check through ESS (Employee Self Service in the HRMS payroll system).  The decision to do "no print" for earnings statements is made by the agency.
    • 82 personnel areas do "no print" for 51,176 employees (78.8%)
    • 61 personnel areas continue to print for 13,803 employees (21.2%)
  • In comparison, 94% of employees have opted to receive the pay part of their pay check electronically as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • 9 agencies converted to no print (1339 employees) after DOP's Director and the Governor's Chief of Staff contacted all print agencies in May, reminding them to use this service
  • Over 6300 employees have been converted to electronic earnings statements in the past year
  • Earnings statements cost about 4.6 cents each to print
  • Electronic earnings statements currently reduce system printing by over one million pages annually

The "no print option" was implemented by the Department of Personnel in 2008 by giving employees 24/7 secure access to view their statements through the on-line Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.