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Government Reform Final 12-15-11 -   2.2 - Email Renewal Reminders

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Government Reform Final 12-15-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
2.2 - Email Renewal Reminders
Are customers using the new email renewal notice option?
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Data Notes
Data Source: DOL online SQL Server Report under "CustomerEmailSignUpStats" query.  Data through October 2011 provided by Research and Planning Office November 2011.
Measure Definition: Percent of registered vehicles and vessels enrolled for email renewal reminders is the number of customers who have enrolled via DOL's website to receive email renewal reminders for each of their vehicle or vessel compared to the total number of vehicles and vessels currently registered.
Target Rationale: A target of 7% by June 2012 has replaced the previous stretch target, due to declining enrollments indicating market saturation and loss of resources to market enrollment.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: DOL's 2011-13 Strategic Plan calls for more efficient, effective and economical business practices, and improving self-service and Internet-based options for customers.  Reminding customers of vehicle tab renewal by email instead of mail mitigates future printing and mailing costs. 
Relevance: Each vehicle ERN is estimated to save $0.54 in mailing and printing each year of vehicle ownership; this is needed to absorb 2011-13 budget reductions.  With 7.0 million vehicles registered in Washington, printing and mailing vehicle tab renewal notices is a high cost practice with a large carbon footprint, and some customers prefer an email to paper notice.
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 Summary Analysis

DOL implemented email renewal notices (ERNs) so that customers could enroll to receive their vehicle notices by email instead of paper for customer convenience and DOL cost savings, and their boat decals by email since paper notices were discontinued as part of budget reductions.

Total enrollment through October 2011:

  • Vehicles: 5.5% or over 384,000 out of 7.0 million registered vehicles, which may result in future cost avoidance of up to $207,000 per year if those enrollments remain active when expiration dates trigger reminders.  Each ERN is estimated to save $0.54 in mailing and printing each year of vehicle ownership.
  • Vessels: 24% or over 62,000 out of over 263,000 registered vessels.  Paper reminders were discontinued in April 2010 and $150,000 was reduced from the budget.

Projecting future enrollment:

  • Based on analysis of daily enrollments, each strategic action to increase enrollment has been effective, but we've already seen a diminishing rate of monthly increases, indicating market saturation.
  • Based on above, without resources to implement additional strategies to boost enrollment, we project vehicle enrollment can  only increase to 7.4% by June 2012. 
  • New strategies to increase ERN enrollment include increasing ERN visibility through improved self-service visibility and options (detailed in Action Plan 2.1), and increasing ERN direct marketing and access by mobile device (detailed in Action Plan 2.3).