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Government Reform Final 12-15-11 -   2.1.a - Driver License Renewals

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Government Reform Final 12-15-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
2.1.a - Driver License Renewals
What are the results from driver license renewal process improvements?
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Data Notes

Data Source:

DOL Drivers DataMart System.

Measure Definition:

Percent of all driver license renewals that were completed by customers using Internet and mail-in options; the self-service percentage.

Target Rationale:


The FY12 target is for 40% of all driver license renewals to occur through the Internet and mail-in self-service options.  It is a challenging target based on best previous results; FY10 actual self-service renewals were near 40% before customer eligibility for self-service declined and brought FY11 actuals down to near 30%.   

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:


DOL's 2011-13 Strategic Plan calls for continual improvement to self-service options and processes, to meet customer preferences and improve our business efficiency.



Driver license renewals are among the most common customer service and high Licensing Service Office workload volumes.  Impacting these volumes is necessary for the scale of results needed from our 21st Century service delivery and business model.

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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

Driver license renewals were targeted for process improvement since they represent a large service volume (over 833,000 in 2010).  By improving Internet usability and adding the mail-in option for renewals, we improved customer service and business efficiency.

Customer service and business efficiency results remain positive:

  • Between 28% and 33% of driver license renewals have been completed by self-service each month for over a year now. 
  • Nearly half of the customers who are eligible for renewal by self-service have been choosing self-service.  Efforts to sustain this trend (which may be difficult due to market saturation) are detailed in the self-service action plan 2.1.  
  • Since January 2009, over 752,000 customers renewed their driver license using self-service.  Of those, 74% chose the Internet option, 26% chose the mail-in option, and all skipped a trip to an office (contributing to lower wait times for in-office customers following office consolidation).

Customer eligibility for self-service renewal fluctuates and is trending downward:

  • Overall self-service eligibility has been trending downward since late 2009.  Primary causes are:
    • Previous renewal by self-service: Only every other renewal can be self-service.  Therefore self-service in 2006 reduces self-service in 2011.  Ineligibility reached a of over 12,500 in October 2011 because of self-service renewals in the last half of 2006.  Ineligibility is expected to remain similarly high and then double in June 2014.
    • Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS): PDPS is a national driver record check system which has been causing self-service ineligibilities since early 2010, and causing between 5,200 and 6,200 service ineligibilities per month since March 2011.  Between 3,400 and 4,200 of those per month may be returned to eligibility with a technology solution, which is pending available resources. 
  • Comparing year-to-date 2011 to 2010, the percent of customers completing self-service renewals decreased from 37% to 31%, reflecting the decrease in self-service eligibility.