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  Government Reform Final 12-15-11

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Government Reform Final 12-15-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
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 Action Plan Rollup

Performance MeasurePriority AreaTitleAgencyWhoForum DateStatusDue Date
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesAssign agencies to primary consultantsDOPTina VanderWal2010-09-15Completed8/24/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesDevelop business processes for lines of serviceDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2010-09-15Completed9/10/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesService Center staff complete all necessary trainingDOP2010-09-15Completed9/10/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesShare business processes with stakeholdersDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2010-09-15Completed9/15/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesAnalyze effectiveness, usage, and customer satisfaction with servicesDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2010-09-15Completed12/30/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesEstablish small agency advisory teamDOPTina VanderWal2011-02-15Completed12/1/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesDevelop templates for all appointment, termination, and allocation lettersDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2011-02-15Completed1/5/2011
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesEstablish baseline data on key performance measuresDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2011-02-15Completed12/1/2010
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesEvaluate service deliveryDOPTina VanderWal2011-02-15Completed5/15/2011
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesFurther refine business processesDOPSmall Agency Assistance Team2011-02-15Completed6/15/2011
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesAssess readiness to begin supporting additional small agenciesDOPTina VanderWal2011-02-15Completed6/30/2011
1.1 - Small Agency HR ServicesProvide policies necessary for consistent HR operations for small agenciesCTSTina VanderWal2010-06-16In Progress12/31/2011
1.2 - Motor Pool ConsolidationConsolidate appropriate agency fleets into the State Motor PoolGAState Motor Pool2011-03-15In Progress
1.2 - Motor Pool ConsolidationCustomer FeedbackGAState Motor Pool2011-03-15Not Started11/1/2011
1.2 - Motor Pool ConsolidationTransition ProcessGAState Motor Pool2011-03-15In Progress6/30/2012
1.2.a - Maintenance CostAdjust maintenance intervalsGAState Motor Pool2011-02-15Completed11/1/2010
1.2.a - Maintenance CostReplacement of vehiclesGAState Motor Pool2011-03-15Deferred9/1/2011
1.2.b - Vehicle MPG & EmissionsVehicle replacementGAFleet Manager2011-03-15Deferred9/1/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramReview and update Delegations PolicyGAGA2010-09-15Deferred3/31/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramReview and update Preferred Leasing Area PolicyGAGA2010-09-15Completed6/30/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramSite Evaluation ProcessGAGA2010-09-15In Progress9/30/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramSolicitation developmentGAGA2010-09-15In Progress9/30/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramManage facility realignment for up to two large agencies in Thurston CountyGAGA2010-09-15Completed6/30/2011
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramThurston County BackfillGA2011-03-15In Progress6/30/2012
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate ProgramReview and Update Space Allocation Standards Policy and Manual2011-03-15Completed6/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseMigrate DIS staff from the DIS hosted email service to the new shared email service.DISProject Manager2010-09-15Completed9/30/2010
1.4 - Shared Email UseDevelop a plan for migrating agencies from DIS’ hosted email to the new shared services email.DISProject Manager2010-09-15Completed9/30/2010
1.4 - Shared Email UseDevelop and adopt rates for the new shared email services.DISShared Services Advisory Committee2010-09-15Completed9/30/2010
1.4 - Shared Email UseTest the Vault, the final Shared Email Service component, when the vendor releases the compatible version (Release expected in FY11 Q2).DISProject Manager2010-09-15Completed12/31/2010
1.4 - Shared Email UseTechnical configuration and performance optimizationDISProject Manager2011-06-15Completed5/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseShared services email service level agreement completedDISProject Manager2011-06-15Completed5/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UsePhase 1 Agencies Migrated to Shared Services EmailDISProject Manager2011-06-15In Progress9/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseSecure Email RFP and Vendor SelectionDISProject Manager2010-06-16Completed9/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseCustomer Readiness, Training and Administration DocumentationDISProject Manager2010-06-16Completed5/31/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseImplement New Washington State Electronic Records Vault (WaServ) DISProject Manager2010-06-16Completed9/30/2011
1.4 - Shared Email UseCustomer Readiness TrainingDISProject Manager2010-06-16In Progress6/30/2012
1.6 - Small Agency Accounting ServicesWork with OFM Budget to garner efficiency savingsOFMYolanda Wilson2010-09-15Completed11/30/2010
1.6 - Small Agency Accounting ServicesTransition in three or more agenciesOFMOFM SACS2010-09-15Completed12/1/2010
1.6 - Small Agency Accounting ServicesTransition in remainder of agenciesOFMOFM SACS2011-02-15In Progress12/31/2011
1.6.a - Payment Turnaround TimeAnalyze coding structures for consistencyOFMSACS2010-09-15Completed6/30/2011
2.1 - Self-Service Driver TransactionsOffice Consolidation and Enhanced Service Delivery 2009DOLDOL2009-07-15Completed12/31/2009
2.1 - Self-Service Driver TransactionsImprove and Promote Self-Service OptionsDOLDOL2011-03-15In Progress6/30/2012
2.1.a - Driver License RenewalsResearch eligibility for self-service driver license renewalsDOL2011-06-15Completed6/30/2011
2.1.a - Driver License RenewalsMaximize Customer Self-service Eligibility through Technology SolutionsDOLDOLIn Progress12/31/2011
2.2 - Email Renewal RemindersPromote Enrollment in Email Renewal Notices for Vehicle Tabs and Boat DecalsDOLBailey, Knittle, Zenk2010-06-16In Progress6/30/2012
3.1 - Streamlining HR TransactionsHRMS Centralized SecurityDOPDOP - ISD2010-09-15Completed6/30/2011
3.1 - Streamlining HR TransactionsOnline Leave and ApprovalDOPDOP - ISD2010-09-15Completed11/30/2010
3.1.a - Electronic Earnings StatementsIdentify agencies printing earning statements.DOPDOP-ISD2010-09-15Completed9/30/2010
3.1.a - Electronic Earnings StatementsContact Print agencies to encourage participationDOPEva Santos, Director2011-02-15Completed11/15/2010
3.1.a - Electronic Earnings StatementsContact print agencies to encourage participationCTSSteve Young2011-06-15Waiting on someone else7/1/2011
3.1.b - Centralized HRMS SecurityPlan conversion of remaining agenciesDOPJeff Colorossi, ISSM Security Manager2011-02-15Completed12/31/2010
3.1.b - Centralized HRMS SecurityGo-Live with Risk Management toolDOPSteve Young, Assistant Director, ISD2011-02-15Completed12/31/2010
3.1.b - Centralized HRMS SecurityComplete conversion of all agencies to centralized HRMS security serviceDOPJeff Colorossi2011-02-15Completed7/1/2011
3.1.b - Centralized HRMS SecurityObtain all agencies' commitment to conversion datesDOPJeff Colorossi, Project Manager2011-06-15Completed1/31/2011
3.3 - Washington Management Service ReformProvide transition guidance and tools to agenciesDOP2011-06-15Completed3/1/2011
3.3 - Washington Management Service ReformAgency coordinators train their WMS committee members2011-06-15In Progress6/30/2013
3.3 - Washington Management Service ReformAgencies develop and submit WMS Inclusion and Evaluation procedures to DOP for approval2011-06-15Completed3/31/2011
3.3 - Washington Management Service ReformAgencies submit self-audit and first activity reports2011-06-15Completed7/31/2011
3.3 - Washington Management Service ReformApproved Inclusion and Evaluation Procedures, self audit, and first activity reports from DES, CTS, OFM2011-03-15In Progress6/30/2012
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportImplement 3% pay cut and Temporary Salary Reduction leaveDOP2011-03-15Completed7/15/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportRevise rules to reflect consolidationOFM2011-03-15Completed10/1/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportParticipate in Functional Teams to achieve seamless reorganizationOFM2011-03-15Completed10/1/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportCreate or reorganize 4 agencies in HRMSJointMeasure2011-03-15In Progress10/1/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportCreate 2 agencies in HRMSCTS2011-03-15Not Started7/1/2012
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportAbolish 11 agencies from HRMSCTS2011-03-15In Progress6/30/2012
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportAbolish 1 agency from HRMSCTS2011-03-15In Progress12/31/2012
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportAssist with appointment of employees to new positions and set up HRMS for payrollJointMeasure2011-03-15Completed10/1/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportClassification work to allocate positions in new organizationsOFM2011-03-15In Progress10/1/2011
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportProvide information sessions to employees at risk of layoffDOP2011-03-15In Progress
3.4 - Government Reform HR SupportImplement revised terms of Collectively Bargained AgreementsDOP2011-03-15Completed7/15/2011