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Government Reform Final 12-15-11 -   1.3 - Integrated Real Estate Program

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Government Reform Final 12-15-11
1. Sharing Services
2. Improving Service to Citizens
3. Improving Efficiency
Action Plan
1.3 - Integrated Real Estate Program
What actions are needed to develop an integrated real estate management program?
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Data Notes
Data Source: Department of General Administration (GA)
Measure Definition: Project plan for developing the Integrated Real Estate Management Program, a property management shared service.
Target Rationale:
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: 2009-2015 GA Strategic Plan Goal 2: Provide consolidated, proactive and innovative leadership in our facilities and central service functions.
Relevance: Integrated real estate management efforts will enable the state to be more efficient and strategic about facilities and property, while allowing agencies to focus on their core missions.
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Action Plan: Yes
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

At the initiation of the shared services effort in property management, developing an integrated real estate management program (IREM) was identified through an extensive collaborative process as the immediate priority.  An IREM program will be data-driven, consistent, transparent, predictable and fair.  It will include:

  • A comprehensive, statewide real estate strategy and supporting policies for acquisition, leasing, disposal, and management of space;
  • A focus on optimizing all state owned and leased real estate;
  • More effective use of state facility planning resources; and
  • Clear performance standards, targets, and measures.