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Health Care Final 02-18-10 -   10.4.a - Schools Best Practices

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Health Care Final 02-18-10
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10.4.a - Schools Best Practices

What is the status of ARRA funded activities to improve efficiency and validity of school immunization data?

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Data Source: Periodic contractor reporting.
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Goal 1: Improve health outcomes for the people of Washington State.
Objective 2: Prevent and control outbreaks of communicable disease.

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 Summary Analysis

Project goals are to provide a single electronic tracking and reporting system for use by school nurses or administrators, and establish a constant method of school immunization and exemption status. Results expected are more accurate reporting and greater workflow efficiencies at the school level.

STC will be contracted to modify the "School Nurse Reporting Module", which is an extension of the existing CHILD Profile Immunization Registry.

Once developed, the modified module will be piloted in 20 schools across the state. Schools were chosen by weighted criteria including provider participation in the immunization registry, school immunization exemption rates.

Much of the current school immunization data that is tracked is parent-reported (not validated) and aggregated at the school level. This impedes school nurses and other school and health professionals from having fast, accurate and validated data on the immunization and exemption status of their students.

A standardized system that allows for tracking and validation of school entry immunization status will provide true and accurate coverage and exemption rates in real time. Schools will be able to track and recall students needing required immunizations more efficiently. In the event of an outbreak, local health officials will have immediate, reliable data to determine the proper course for disease containment.