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Health Care Final 02-18-10 -   10.3 - Women, Infants, and Children

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Health Care Final 02-18-10
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10.3 - Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

How did ARRA funds help meet Washington's increase in WIC clients?

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Data Notes
Data Source: (DOH internal billing system), CIMS (WIC Client Information System), Covansys (banking data from banking contractor).
Measure Definition: $837,945 WIC food dollars provided supplemental nutrition for 14,853 people.
Target Rationale: We were directed to use ARRA funds for WIC food purchase only. We were required to spend these funds by 9/30/2009.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Supports strategic goal to improve nutrition and health of communities and families.
Relevance: WIC nutrition Program provides nutrition education and vouchers for food that are specifically selected to support the healthy growth and development of the individual WIC client.
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 Summary Analysis


  • $837,945 ARRA funds provided food for 14,853 Women, Infant, Children (WIC) clients (based on the average food package cost of $54.84).
  • $105 million was allocated from United States Department of Agriculture for WIC foods for federal fiscal year 2009 to serve approximately 196,000 clients per month.
  • ARRA funding was 0.7 percent of the total funds WIC used to purchase food in June 2009.

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