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Health Care Final 02-18-10 -   7.1.a - Diabetic Screening

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Health Care Final 02-18-10
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7.1.a - Diabetic HbA1c Screening

How well are Washingtonians controlling chronic conditions?

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Data Notes

Data Source:

NCQA HEDIS Dataset (commercial non-Medicare)
Measure Definition: Percentage of diabetic enrollees in HCA-participating health plans who received blood sugar (HbA1c) testing
Target Rationale: Benchmark: National average of commercial health plan HEDIS scores.  
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Chronic disease management as indicator of overall quality of health care
Relevance: HbA1c testing is basic tool in tracking control of diabetes

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  • The 2009 HCA score of 92.9% for diabetics who received blood sugar (HbA1c) testing was above the national average of 89.0% by a statistically significant margin. 
  • For the person diagnosed with diabetes, blood sugar screening is a basic component of managing the disease.  Thus it is to be expected that a substantial majority of such patients are being screened routinely.