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Health Care Final 02-18-10 -   7.1.d - Cholesterol Screening

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Health Care Final 02-18-10
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7.1.d - Cholesterol Screening for Cardiovascular Conditions

How well are Washingtonians controlling chronic conditions?

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Data Notes
Data Source: NCQA HEDIS Dataset (commercial non-Medicare)
Measure Definition: Percentage of health plan enrollees receiving annual cholesterol screening for cardiovascular conditions in HEDIS-reporting health plans
Target Rationale: Benchmark: National average of commercial health plan HEDIS scores
Link to Agency Strategic Plan Managing chronic conditions as indicator of overall health quality
Relevance: Cholesterol screening is basic to preventing heart attacks and stroke.

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 Summary Analysis

  • The 2009 HCA score of percentage 81.7% for enrollees who received annual cholesterol screening was below the national average of 84.8% by a statistically significant margin.
  • Screening is the first step in cholesterol management, which in turn is central to reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke, respectively the first and third most common causes of death in the United States.