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Health Care Final 02-18-10 -   Quality

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Health Care Final 02-18-10
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 6.0 - Evidence-Based Care Management

6.1 - Health Technology Assessments 86HCAOf eight selected technologies for CY 2009, six technologies will be completed. The two incomplete reports are due to collaborating with federal agency to reduce redundancy and cost, but it extends the time frame. Data current as of November 2009.
6.2 - Percent of Major-Trauma Patients Who Survive88.5%87.3%DOHThe survival rate for critically injured patients has increased from 77.1% in 1995 to 87.3% in 2008. This is slightly down from 87.4% in 2007. Since 1995, about 2,300 critically injured patients survived who might otherwise have died. Data through 2008.

 7.0 - Chronic Care Management

7.1 - Diabetes Management29.0 % (benchmark)27.6%HCAEnrollees in HCA-participating managed care health plans are improving their blood-sugar control over previous years. At 27.6% with poor control, WA is not significantly different from the 29.0% benchmark national average. Data current through 2008.