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Health Care Final 10-15-09 -   Economic Recovery

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Health Care Final 10-15-09
Healthy State
Economic Recovery
Action Plan
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 Economic Recovery

10.1 Drinking Water Projects 61%DOHOf the 22 projects that have been certified, 11 have contracts awarded representing 61% of the 38.5m in Recovery Act Funds investment. It is estimated that for the 23 projects an average of 500 jobs per year over a three year period will be created.
10.2 - COBRA Subsidy 341 HCAFrom March - June of 2009, HCA paid 65% of the COBRA premium for 341 former employees and dependents of state agencies and educational institutions covered through PEBB. The first quarterly tax return reflecting subsidy activity was for April-June 2009.
10.3 - Women, Infant, and Children 14853 DOH$837,945 recovery funds provided food for 14,853 Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding was 0.7 percent of the total funds WIC used to purchase food in June 2009. Funding was required to be spent by 9/30/09.