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Health Care Final 10-15-09 -   3.2.a - Percent of Seniors Who Reported a Fall in Last 3 Months

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Health Care Final 10-15-09
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3.2.a - Percent of Seniors Who Reported a Fall in the Last Three Months

Are older adults self-reporting more falls?

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Data Notes
Data Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; 2003, 2006, and 2008 surveys; Annual measure reported in July.
Measure Definition: Percentage of seniors who report a fall within the last three months.
Target Rationale: Target: 18.6% - Target based on historical data.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: 2009-13: G1
Relevance: Falls are a frequent occurrence for older adults, with 33% of falls resulting in injury.
Notes (optional): Silver/DOH
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Action Plan: Yes
Extended Analysis: No

 Summary Analysis

  • In 2008, 19% of older adults reported a fall in the previous three months.
  • Among those who fell in Washington, 33% reported that they were injured to the extent that they had to see a doctor or limit their activities for a day or more.
  • Falls among people age 65 and older are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalization in Washington. (Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS). 

Action Plan

What:  Work with professional associations to incorporate fall prevention best practices through their membership, such as promoting medication reviews through pharmacists.

Who:  Kastl/DOH, Silver/DOH, State Senior Fall Prevention Coalition

When:  December 2009