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Health Care Final 10-15-09 -   7.1.e - Cholesterol Management

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Health Care Final 10-15-09
Healthy State
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7.1.e - Cholesterol Management for Cardiovascular Conditions

How well are Washingtonians conrolling chronic conditions?

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Data Notes
Data Source: NCQA annual HEDIS dataset (commercial non-Medicare)
Measure Definition: Percentage of enrollees in HCA-participating health plans whith cardiovascular conditions who maintain Ldl-c below 100mg/dl.
Target Rationale: Benchmark:  National average rate for reporting plans 
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Chronic condition management as indicator of general health care quality
Relevance: Cholesterol control is a central component of preventing heart attacks and stroke
Notes (optional):

Rate is weighted to reflect distribution of enrollment among participating plans

Measure is not trendable prior to 2006 due to change in data collection or interpretation method.

Also Available:
Action Plan: yes
Extended Analysis: no

 Summary Analysis

  • Cholesterol management for cardiovascular conditions maintaining LDL-C <100mg/dl) was achieved by 53.9% of enrollees in HCA-participating managed care health plans in CY 2008, significantly below the 2007 national average of 58.7% for HEDIS-reporting plans.
  • Effective cholesterol control is a core strategy in preventing heart attacks and stroke, the #1 and #3 causes of death in the United States respectively.