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Health Care Final 11-16-11 -   9.2 - Basic Health Plan Cost

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Health Care Final 11-16-11
Healthy State
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9.2 - Basic Health Plan Cost
Are Basic Health Program costs within budget?

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Data Notes
Data Source: HCA Financial Analysis and Budget analysis. 
Measure Definition: Projected Basic Health program state subsidy cost decrease through CY12
Target Rationale: Based on bid premiums and previous year's enrollment mix across plans
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 Summary Analysis

The subsidized cost for Basic Health is projected to decrease 29.8% in calendar year 2011 from 2010, compared with 2010's decrease of 37.4% over 2009.  This projected cost is below the budgeted level of -23.8% and is based on projected cost for 2011 and a combination of actual cost through August 2011 and projected for the remainder of 2011.

This projection is based on contract health plan rates for 2011 applied to projected enrollee volume and risk mix (primarily age and income) based on historical trend data. 

The reduction to the total costs between CY2010 and CY2011 is due primarily to reduced enrollment as a result of significant eligibility changes made as a part of the 2011 Supplemental Budget.