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Health Care Final 11-16-11 -   9.1 - Rate of PEBB Premium Increase Compared to National benchmark

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Health Care Final 11-16-11
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9.1 - Rate of PEBB Premium Increase
How do PEBB premium cost changes compare with other employers'?

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Data Notes
Data Source: PEBB Actuarial Analysis.
Measure Definition: Projected 2012 percentage increase in PEBB premium rates; composite of plan rate increases weighted by 2010 plan PEBB enrollment
Target Rationale: Mercer Employer Survey. This large-scale nationwide survey is considered the national benchmark.
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: Cost-effective purchasing/state as prudent buyer
Relevance: Indicates State's ability to secure advantageous premiums compared with other comparable purchasers

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 Summary Analysis

  • The CY2012 composite rate increase for Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) participating health plans is 4.5% compared with a 13% increase for CY 2010. The 2012 rate is a composite of projected changes in plan rates and the size/risk mix of the covered population. The measure is driven by a variety of variables, such as underwriting factors and contract rate negotiations.