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Health Care Final 11-16-11 -   Quality

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Health Care Final 11-16-11
Healthy State
Action Plan


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 6.0 - Evidence-Based Care Management

6.1 - Health Technology Assessments 83HCAIn 2011, 3 assessments are finalized authorizing conditional coverage; two are pending final decision due in Nov. Decisions have confirmed and changed state coverage and resulted in up to $36.5 million per year in cost avoidance from 2007 to date.
6.2 - Percent of Major-Trauma Patients Who Survive88.5%86.6%DOHThe survival rate for critically injured patients remains stable at 86.6% in 2010 compared to 87.2% in 2009. Since 1995, about 3,370 critically injured patients survived who might otherwise have died. Data through 2010.

 7.0 - Chronic Care Management

7.1 - Diabetes ManagementVariesVariesHCADiabetes control efforts for Uniform Medical Plan with diabetes fall short of expected targets to meet or exceed 5-county regional average: cholesterol screening (64%), eye exams (51%), blood sugar screening (69), and kidney screening (78%).