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Health Care Final 11-16-11 -   Access

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Health Care Final 11-16-11
Healthy State
Action Plan
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 1.0 - Washington's Insured

1.1 - Percent of Washingtonians without Health Insurance5%13.8%OFM, DSHS, HCABasic health care enrollments decline: as of September 2011, 35,758 individuals were enrolled. As of May 2011, the number of children receiving state-subsidized health care coverage has leveled off with an estimated 728,000 children enrolled.

 2.0 - Provider Availability

2.1 - Avoidable Emergency Department Visits 44.3%DSHSTotal emergency department visits paid through Medicaid fee-for-service increased from 285,820 in 2007 to 334,371 in 2010. However, the percent of avoidable emergency department visits in 2010 remained stable at 44.3% in 2010. Updated April 2011.

 4.0 - Communicable Disease

4.1 - Children (19-35 months) Who Receive All Recommended Vaccines80% 73.7%DOH73.7% of Washington’s toddlers 19-35 months old get the right immunizations at the right time. Between 2009 and 2010, Washington’s series rate rose by 3.4% while the national average rose 5%. We are just below the national average by 1.5%.