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Health Care Final 11-16-11 -   1.1.a - State- subsidized Children's Health Care Coverage

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Health Care Final 11-16-11
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1.1.a - State-subsidized Children's Health Care Coverage
Is Washington continuing to provide access to health care coverage for more children?

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Data Source:


MMIS ProviderOne Report 10424 “State-Financed Health Coverage for Children Report" through May 2011.  NOTE:   Data are not lag adjusted.  Enrollment data not reported for 3-months to ensure complete information.  Caseload Forecast Council (CFC) is  March 2011.

Measure Definition: 

Tracks the number of children historically and currently enrolled in health care coverage programs subsidized by the Washington State as well as those forecasted by the Caseload Forecast Council (CFC) in March 2011 to enroll by June 2013.

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:

One of the goals set forth in HRSA's (now HCA) 2009-13 strategic plan (and by the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission) is that Washington's children would have access to affordable health coverage that provides effective care by 2010.


Increased access to state-subsidized coverage brings Washington closer to its goal of covering all kids by 2010.

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CFC note:    The forecast data is based on CFC forecasts.   However, actual children’s counts are extrapolated from DSHS MMIS data to determine number of children enrolled in Family Medical, CN Disabled and Pregnant Women’s coverage.

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 Summary Analysis

There has been a steady increase in state-subsidized Apple Health for Kids health coverage since implementation of the Governor's eligibility policy in early 2005 and the legislative directive to cover all kids by 2010.  As of May 2011 that trend has started to level off with an estimated 728,000 children enrolled in Apple Health for Kids, 43% of all children in Washington.   This estimate understates the actual number due to lags in data reports.

Health insurance coverage for children continues to increase, with nearly 97% of children maintaining coverage according to the 2010 state population survey.   In comparison, adult health insurance coverage is decreasing, with only 82% reporting coverage in the same survey.   The availability of affordable health coverage for children through Apple Health for Kids has played a major role in ensuring the children have access to health coverage.

Extrapolating from the Caseload Forecasts Council’s March 2011 forecast, some 828,000 may be enrolled in Apple Health for Kids by June 2013, which would comprise nearly 49% of all children. The November forecast is likely to revise this estimate downward.

Faced with  a continued fiscal crisis, there may be a discontinuation of coverage for non-citizen children on Apple Health for Kids. This would have the result of reducing coverage by more than 22,000 children in SFY 2012 and would dampen forecasted enrollment growth for SFY 2012-2013