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Natural Resources Final 06-18-12 -   4.5 - Volunteer hours contributed

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Natural Resources Final 06-18-12
1. Healthy Puget Sound
2. Water
3. Biota
4. Land Use and Habitat
4.5 - Volunteer hours contributed
What are the total volunteer hours contributed across all state parks? 
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Data Notes
Data Source: Park friends group agreements, friends group member lists, friends group annual reports, and volunteer timesheets
Measure Definition: The number of new park friends groups, number of members in all friends groups, amount of money contributed to friends groups, and the number of volunteer hours contributed by all volunteers.
Target Rationale: Increasing the number and size of park friends groups, increasing the amount of money contributed to them to advance park purposes, and increasing the number of hours spent working in parks by volunteers will help to keep State Parks become more self-sufficient and keep parks open and available to the public.
1.      Establish ten new friends groups by June 2013
2.      Increase membership in existing friends groups by 10% by June 2013
3.      Increase the amount of money contributed to friends groups by 10% by June 2013.
4.      Increase volunteer hours by 10% by June 2013
Link to Agency Strategic Plan: WSPRC Centennial 2013 Plan: Our Commitment – Partnerships.
Relevance: Expanding friends groups and volunteerism are relatively easy and efficient ways of offsetting operational costs, indirectly generating revenue, securing philanthropic support, and encouraging advocacy for the state park system. 
Notes: (Optional) Frequency:  Quarterly & Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30)
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

  • In the past five years, general fund support to operate state parks has reduced from about 70% to 12%. 
  • A $30 annual and $10 daily access fee (Discover Pass) was established to offset general fund reductions; however pass sales currently only generate about 50% of needed revenue.
  • Thirteen parks have friends groups (tax exempt non-profit corporations) with members who coordinate volunteer activities, raise money philanthropically, conduct interpretive and recreational programs, construct improvements, and otherwise serve as park advocates.
  • State Parks is working to expand the number and size of friends groups to support park operations, make improvements, and provide programs that will increase use of parks by the public.
  • These activities will offset costs and help generate revenues necessary to keep parks open and available to the public.
  • The estimated worth of volunteer time in 2011 was $14 per hour.  The donated 271,260 hours is equivalent to 130 FTEs and a service value of $3,797,640.