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Final GMAP Reports
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Final GMAP Reports

 Welcome to DataView!

What is DataView?  DataView is the tool used by Washington State's government leaders to actively manage state government performance.
  • This information is the same as what agencies regularly share with the Governor and leadership team.

How is DataView used?  Agency leaders use DataView to prepare reports for the Governor that provide information about the performance of top priority areas such as economic vitality and public safety.

  • This information can be reviewed in a public forum by the Governor, leadership team, and the reporting agencies.
  • With immediately accessible information, the Governor can drill down to the data behind the story during the forum.  As a result, decision-making is faster and transparent to the public.

How do I view the report?  Click on one of the priority areas.  Then click on the link for the latest report and away you go!

 Priority Areas

 GMAP Forum Discussion Topics

Preparing People for Success 10-14-09
Changing Strategies for Future Success 01-14-10

Note:  These discussion topics are special edition reports, compiled from sections of other GMAP reports above.

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