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Transportation Final 4-15-10 -   6.1 - Recovery Transportation

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Transportation Final 4-15-10
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3. Mobility
4. Environment
5. Stewardship
6. Economic Recovery
7. Reform
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6.1 - Recovery Transportation

What is WSDOT's performance in delivering ARRA-funded projects?

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 Summary Analysis

As of March 24, 2010:
WSDOT and local governments will deliver at least 206 highway projects with the $492 million Washington received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  This federal funding is being leveraged to finance projects worth over $1 billion.

As of 3/24/2010, 91 of the 206 projects have been completed, and 94 are under construction, or have been awarded and are ready to go to construction.  Over 1.5 million work hours have been logged on these projects.

HIGH SPEED RAIL: On January 27, the US Department of Transportation awarded Washington $590 million for projects to improve the Pacific Northwest High Speed Rail Corridor.  These projects will reduce travel times, improve reliability, and reduce both railway and highway congestion.

TIGER GRANT: WSDOT recently received a $35 million grant under the federal Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery program for the North Spokane Corridor Project.  This project will construct 3.7 miles of a 10.5 mile freeway.





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Data Source: WSDOT Strategic Assessment Office
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