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Transportation Final 4-15-10 -   3. Mobility

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Transportation Final 4-15-10
1. Safety
2. Preservation
3. Mobility
4. Environment
5. Stewardship
6. Economic Recovery
7. Reform
Current Conditions
Action Plan
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3.1 - Percent reduction in travel times before and after mobility improvements 10%WSDOTTwenty-one completed 2003 and 2005 gas tax projects statewide save more than 6,400 hours of travel a day–a 10% improvement. Fifteen additional projects show similar results. Data updated Dec. 2008
3.2 - Average time to clear incidents longer than 90 minutes on key highway segments155 min.154 min.WSPThrough 2009, serious blocking incidents averaged 154 minutes in duration, meeting the GMAP goal of 155 minutes and an improvement over 2008’s average of 156 minutes.
3.3 - Number of commute trips reduced while driving alone42000 trips26037 tripsWSDOT Measure includes two state trip reduction programs focused on reducing drive alone trips: the Commute Trip Reduction and the Growth and Transportation Efficiency Center programs. Data based on survey and updated as of Sept. 2007