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Transportation Final 10-15-09 -   L.2 - Greenwood Office Closure

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Transportation Final 10-15-09
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Current Conditions
6. Economic Recovery
L.2 - Greenwood Office Closure

What are the customer and business outcomes from the Greenwood office closure?
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Data Notes See Summary Office Consolidation measure page
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Action Plan: Action Plan is on the Summary Office Consolidation measure page
Extended Analysis: Yes

 Summary Analysis

Initial results during the four weeks following closure of the Greenwood office included:

  • Increased transaction volumes for five of the six nearby offices (Shoreline 77%, Lynnwood 18%, Downtown Seattle 14%, Kirkland 9%, West Seattle 7%) and a decrease in volume for one office (Renton 5%). 91% of Greenwood’s previous transaction volume is accounted for in the increases of the 5 offices, suggesting that most of Greenwood’s previous customers chose to visit these nearby offices.
  • Increased use of the internet for license renewals in the cities of all impacted offices (i.e., for Seattle, from 18% in April to 23% in May).  This suggests that more of Greenwood’s previous in-office customers chose this non-office service alternative. 
  • Average weekly wait times increased by 40% in the three nearby offices providing Enhanced Driver Licenses (EDL); the unprecedented workload volume and complexity caused by the June law change for travel ID caused wait times to begin increasing in May. Wait times in the three nearby non-EDL offices also increased, but remained low, with weekly averages of 5-17 minutes.  
  • Minimal transaction per FTE increase of 2.9%, with workload redistribution to five of six nearby offices covered with existing staff.

Key Action Items:

  • Manage long term results of this closure by analyzing monthly performance data.
  • Analyze short term and long term performance data for upcoming closures and consolidations.  (Link to map of all closures here). 
  • Continue implementing service delivery enhancements, analyze results, and update related plans accordingly.  The 2009 scheduled enhancements include four self-service online transaction options, self-service terminals in some offices, mail-in license renewal option, and initial elements of Supercenters.  (Link to Supercenter map here).
  • Complete office consolidation planning phase, using analysis from above, community outreach and collaboration.