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Transportation Final 10-15-09 -   L. - Dept. of Licensing Consolidated Office Closures

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Transportation Final 10-15-09
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L. - Dept. of Licensing Office Consolidation
What are the customer service and business results from office closure and consolidation?

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Data Notes

Data Source:


Wait times from Q-Matic System, in-office transaction volumes from Driver Field System, internet transaction volume from Drivers DataMart System, FTE from Driver Examining Office.

Measure Definition:



Wait time is the number of minutes from customer taking Q-Matic ticket to service beginning with licensing representative at service counter.  In-office transaction volumes are the 29 “core” customer transactions (product and/or service).  Internet transaction volumes are the 3 renewals available online (driver license, driver license with motorcycle endorsement, ID card).

Target Rationale:


Targets will be set based on results of these first-time events of office consolidations and service enhancements.  Currently, strategic intents (non-numeric targets) include: reduce wait times; increase service delivery options, internet usage, and cost-effectiveness. 

Link to Agency Strategic Plan:




Relative to our strategic goals for customers, business success and the workforce, DOL is consolidating licensing service offices where inefficiencies were found in order to improve customer services through more efficient, effective and economical service delivery methods.  Results are expected to help us achieve our strategic objectives of: a comprehensive service delivery plan for the future, convenience and value to customers, capitalizing on technology solutions, and balancing workloads.





Office consolidation is one of DOL's key strategies for 21st century government.  We are measuring customer service and business performance before and after each office closure, to manage the short and long term impacts of consolidation on offices nearby closures and on the entire service delivery system.  These data will inform our strategic decisions and actions throughout 2009. 
Notes: (Optional)

1. average wait time minutes for weeks following consolidation, compared to pre-close week    2. percent of license renewals via internet, in cities of closed and impacted offices, in weeks following consolidation, compared to pre-close YTD average

Also Available State maps of changes to licensing service offices.
Action Plan: yes
Extended Analysis: Occurring weekly as new data is captured.  Updates available upon request from DOL. 

 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis


Consolidation results through July include impacts to nine offices as follows.  

  • Wait times:
    • decreased at three offices immediately and remain at decreased levels for July
    • decreased at one office after two months
    • stayed the same at two offices
    • increased at the three offices providing enhanced driver licenses and identification (EDL and EID), and remain high at two of those, largely due to the 82% EDL and EID increase during these months of consolidation
  • Transaction volumes:
    • increased at consolidated offices, in a range from 7% to 77%
    • were absorbed efficiently, through service delivery improvements and increased transactions per FTE

Service delivery improvements include:

  • Providing greeters at consolidated offices to begin serving waiting customers
  • Providing self-service terminals at consolidated offices
  • Improving usability of the internet option for license renewals
  • Adding the internet option for license replacements
  • Adding the mail-in option for license renewals