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Transportation Final 10-15-11 -   4.2 - State Ferries Farebox Revenue

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Transportation Final 10-15-11
1. Safety
2. Preservation
3. Mobility
4. Ferries
5. Stewardship
Action Plan

4.2 - State Ferries Farebox Revenue
Has WSF met planned farebox revenue projections?

Data Notes
Data Source: WSDOT Ferries Division as of June 30, 2011.
Measure Definition:

Revenue dollars are farebox only and do not include other operating revenues.  
Farebox recovery is the percentage of operating costs supported by farebox revenues.

Target Rationale:
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 Drill Down Measures

 Summary Analysis

For the fourth quarter of FY 2011, farebox revenue was $39.4 million, $54,000 (0.1%) below the projected levels. Farebox revenues were about $209,500 (0.5%) lower than the same quarter in 2010.

As noted in the last edition of the Gray Notebook, ridership and farebox revenues are now presented on a quarterly basis, comparing the current quarter to the same quarter one year earlier. In this way, it is possible to provide a direct comparison that accounts for seasonality and offers a more accurate look at overall trends in ridership and in revenue.

  • For FY 2009 - 2011 actual farebox revenue was $294.5 million, only slightly under the target of $295 million. The target for FY 2011 - 2013 is $310 million. Farebox revenue is linked to both ridership and fare schedules.
  • A fuel surcharge mechanism was approved by the Washington Transportation Commission as of October 1.
  • WSF is also working on increasing non-fare revenues through increasing concession and advertising revenue and through a new agreement with the Washington State Lottery.